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Welcome to Wobble-Naught

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Scientific, Real Results, Real Power

WN Precision has done the homework, backs the science in fitting.

WN Precision science was born from necessity. We have invested tens of thousands of hours using real science. We don't just fit you; we teach you, and that's what makes the difference. It has taken us years to learn how to explain it all.

We use a comprehensive examination of each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing. A Precise understanding of (compression, shearing, tension) makes a difference to prevent wear and tear.

WN Precision has a long track record and continues to work with many of the world’s most recognized cyclists in (Tri, Road, MTB, XC, CX, Track, etc…) Our record spans 18 years and over 70,000 plus blueprint solutions. We believe the evidence is best established over time!

More important, 18 years of WN'ers in all shapes, sizes, and age. We believe results demonstrate any programs worth. We invite you to be the judge!

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Become A WN Professional

If you have a strong desire to work for yourself, to learn, here it is. WN has years of evidence in scientifically founded concepts. This program is for the pro who desires to be trained on the best fitting procedure. For optimal success, you first complete training materials while attending the program to develop an understanding and awareness of the human body. Program sessions will include a review of the basic anatomy and biomechanics, clinical literature concerning the prevalence of cycling issues. There will be hands-on training on the physical exam and maneuvers for proper landmarks. Experience with the procedure will be acquired in a hands-on session where each person will perform the procedure.

There is nothing more rewarding than to take pride in your own business. There is no better method to measure the human body for compression, shearing, and tension, and we have the tools to teach you! Our cycling friends deserve the most precise fitting solutions, the same level of attention as the pros, and they are looking for WN dealers to help!

WN provides the best solution, through a clear and transparent method that is not "hit or miss." Even the most simple animal is constructed of tissues! It's important to find the best contraction zone, too much or too little and a given muscle is not potentially at its best!

The world's most precise solution needs to be laser sharp, and we are, we cover compression, shearing, and tension. It's in our name; our laser cross-hair even concerns the sag of the tires, flex of frame, shocks, human shape and sizes!

WN solutions are not a basic mass marketing claim, its real 3D from Mathworks. It concerns the unseen motions from the inside out, not outside in (skin). There is no better way to find your body constraints. Review and decide for yourself.

If you would like to see if you qualify to become a dealer or reseller, please read more...click here to click here email or better yet call us 208 388-8489.

WN Precision Diligence.

We are always seeking the next level.

We seek the latest science that helps us teach our cycling friends to race the wind. We have always been ahead of the curve, bringing real science to the game as we move from 2013 into 2014.

New science allows for better analysis and scientific findings! Diligence is expected. Studying human movement, the kinesiology and biomechanics never stops and why would it?

WN Precision has eye-catching proof using approaches of the unseen. Look at our home page, our blog and you be the judge! Go to WN Precison FB and stayed tuned… For more information…click here

Lead or get out of the way! We are going to lead…

'Training and Racing with a Power Meter', co-author Hunter Allen, widely known as the expert in coaching and training with a power meter and provides a step-by-step process of using a power meter for performance improvement. And guess what, he prefers WN. He has seen firsthand how we can make huge gains with his clients.

What Distinguishes A WN Precision Fit Solution?

Too often we have the tendency to over complicate things!

Today, scientists use tools to test their theories. It's called the scientific method, and you must be able to repeat it over and over. Whether you are studying stars, caterpillars or medicines, this method remains the same.

We apply the scientific method, placing the emphasis on your skills, analyzed as to fault, reason, and correction. Optimal joint-loading limits are dependent on unique skeletal and muscular anatomy, combined with the unique neuromuscular patterning. Our techniques are designed around this principle.

WN uses real (CAD system) uses instruments to find the unseen needs, detecting parameters that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye, or video or the sum of dots moving on top of the skin.

A WN Precision blueprint keeps cyclists riding longer, faster, and more comfortably than they thought possible. The solution simply accesses more power. Read more... click here

Get A WN Online Bike Fit Solution Now!

The WN Precision fitting system is designed to be simple, so that you can accurately fit yourself with some basic reading and measuring tools and a partner to help. WN provides a logical, efficient search of anatomy for your skeletal system and bike constraints. As with anything great, it takes some effort, but it is well worth it.

If you have any problems, help is near. We will support you on phone or by email ASAP until you get it right. You can't go wrong.

All the information on doing a WN Precision bike fit solution and the descriptions to take the measurements and set up your bike are detailed throughout the process. Should you have questions, you can call or email. To get started we suggest reading all the pages in the "About the fit" menu (click here to go there now). Get started...click here

Thanks for visiting WN Precision


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