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Scientific Essential Anatomy Is The Power

The number of details in anatomy can be overwhelming! Many structures can’t be viewed from the outer body. WN makes it easier to understand what lies under the skin. 2019 season isn’t over yet, but WN has more than proven itself. It has for 20 years! Season after season we have been helping athletes reach their goals, they have the results to back it up!

Our approach is based on the organization of the body, and the relationship of systemic structures (e.g., muscles, nerves, arteries, veins & more). It is a 3D comprehensive examination of individual body segment for locomotor systems with weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing in many disciplines. WN started producing results back in 1999, and continues to work with many of world’s most recognized cyclists in not one, rather many disciplines. Evidence is in the excellent results established over 20 years. That’s not hype, that’s a fact!

In a misinforming world, “top results demonstrate any programs worth!”

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Become a WN Pro

20 years standing the test...

Eevidence you say? WN can back up the scientifically founded concepts. For optimal success, you first complete training materials while attending a program to develop understanding and awareness of the human body. Sessions go way beyond basic anatomy and biomechanics. You learn the latest clinical literature concerning cycling.

Research the latest literature, there is no better method to measure “hands on” the human body for (compression, shearing, & tension). It’s clinically based. Our cycling friends deserve precise fitting solutions, not subjective guesswork, or averages. Providing the same level of attention as the pros, and they are looking for trained professionals who will not shortcut them, simply to claim they can do what real 3D CAD can do!

WN provides a clear and transparent method that is not "hit or miss." If the bike doesn't fit you, it doesn’t fit you! We will help steer you in the correct direction without bias!

From day one 1999, we used a custom built lasers to our line constraints to determine the “effective-bike-geometry” (NOT YOU) while up the bike to determine your balance adjustments. Not to force you links towards an average alignment. 3D CAD concerns things like the sag of the tires, flex of frame, shocks, human shape, and sizes.

WN used Mathworks “Matlab” for our custom 3D modeling. Claim what you want, there are only 2 people who know our 3D Matlab custom 3D. We built our 3D CAD from the unseen motions from the inside out, not the outside in. Even after 20 years, there is no better way to find your ”UNIQUE” constraints under (loads that cause compression, shearing, torsions). For example, if you have 2 knees, you have 4 wheels to contend with, they all need to share the loads! That requires finding the constraints of those bony femoral cam shaped (medial condyle, lateral condyle, patellar tracking) but also the Q-angle at the knee (Normal, Genu arum, Genu arum) assessments.

Just projecting a laser or superimposed lines over a 2D video isn’t in your best interest!

If you would like to see if you qualify to become a dealer , please read more...click here to click here email or better yet call us 208 631-9699.

WN = Diligence.

Our job is find a better way, always seeking the next level.

WN has been working with Diligent Technologies LLC & Yost Labs, we are still hard at it; as with all things that stand the test, we are making sure our wearable IMUs is truly legitimate.

Diligence is expected in real scientific findings, not just follow the trend because the other guy is! Constantly studying human movement is not a hobby, it’s a lifetime pursuit. The kinesiology and biomechanics findings never stop and why would it? There is always another level. There is nothing wrong with teachings from traditional textbooks, but those textbooks can be very misleading, even outdated. Not until you get out of your classes do you start to unveil...

There are many things that aren’t intuitive, many are the unseen muscles and systems. You have nothing to lose, you be the judge! For more information…click here

'Training and Racing with a Power Meter', co-author Hunter Allen, widely known as the expert in coaching and training with a power meter and provides a step-by-step process of using a power meter for performance improvement. And guess what, he prefers WN. He has seen firsthand how we can make huge gains with his clients.

What Distinguishes A WN (CAD) Solution?

Why over complicate things!

WN applys the scientific method, placing the emphasis on your essential body anatomy. WN concerns your optimal joint-loading limits (constraints) that are dependent on unique skeletal and muscular anatomy, connective tissues, combined with the unique neuromuscular patterning. It’s less subjective!

WN Precision (CAD) has been used in research in colleges and universities for precise body engineering. Our instrumentation is private and cutting edge, the 3D CAD determins resultant forces and parameters that would otherwise be unseen by the subjective naked eye, even 2D video. The end result cyclists riding longer, faster, and more comfortably than they thought possible. The CAD solution accesses more power... Read more... click here

WN “World’s 1st Online CAD Solution”

The process or method(s) is designed to be as simple as “words” can explain it. You can’t accurately fit yourself alone. You will need a few tools found at any hardware store (eg Home Depot, Lowes, etc.), that can measure certain parts of your body.

WN engineering designed the system not for marketing sizzle, or commercial jigs. Our CAD is about you, not, a jig and a great deal of the essentials findings are performed off the bike. We do use your bike choice. We made it so anyone, anywhere in the world can make smarter adjustment, for your needs online.

WN guides you through a step-by-step process and provides a relevant, efficient search of essential anatomy landmarks, a grid like method for your skeletal system and your effective bike constraints. It takes some effort & attention to details, but it is well worth it.

If you have any problems, or issues, help is near. We support you by phone: 208 631-9699 or by email: tom@wobblenaught.com until you get it right! Guaranteed!

All the information on doing a WN fit solution and the descriptions to take the measurements and set up your bike are very detailed throughout the process. That’s what make is so good! Should you have a roadblock, questions, you can call or email at any time. To get started we suggest reading the pages carefully in the "About the fit" menu (click here to go there now). Get started...click here

Thank you for visiting WN Precision


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