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What is a precision fit?

There are many systems that make statements that they are performing a "precision fitting". A precise measurement can not be obtained by taking general measurements while standing, e.g. inseam standing or upper body measurements while standing. You can't just cross over a joint to find a length, for instance two people may have the same length legs but the length of their lower legs and upper legs may differ. All joints have angles and simply crossing over any joint to guess for a total extremities length doesn't take into account the joint angles.

Professionals who have studied human anatomy know this fact. Upper and lower legs are not the same shape or length on everyone, nor does everybody have the same joint angles. Joints contain cartilage, ligaments, and tendons and they can get damaged if not considered. To be called a "Precision fitting" you have to precisely measure each length between joints. Mass marketing or wording attempting to sell bikes by sizing alone can be misleading. Sizing a bike is not the same as fitting a bike!

Why get a Wobble-Naught fit?

There's no better methodology for measurement of the human body, we unveil details of performance that can't be discerned by just looking at someone on their bike. By taking into account precise measurements of the foot, legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and arms we provide precise alignment for a total body fit. This process provides perfect cleat placement, saddle fore/aft, saddle height/tilt, stem rise/length needs, and handlebar position, the end result is pure comfort!

A Wobble-naught fit keeps bikers riding longer, faster, and more comfortable than they thought possible. Our solutions were developed through the use of computer aided design technology (CAD) and precise measurements of anatomy to make the bike an extension of the cyclist. There is no better fit!

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

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