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Only $99.95
with phone support 208-631-9699

Self Service WN Precision Fit

This is the self-service path to a WN Precision CAD Solution. WN uses Paypal for our payment process. Contact us at 208 631-9699 or go to Palpal.com and use the email "tom@wobblenaught.com." Please read the following instructions. Find someone to help you perform the best fitting resource for your fitting needs.

Follow these simple steps to your best-fit solution

1) First, if you haven't done so already, you'll need contact WN Precision. This only takes a minute, and once you are done, you'll be able to log in at any time to retrieve your fit.

2) WN will instruct you up as you'll be taken to the Measurement Data Sheet. Take the time to go to each of the "Help!" links before starting the measurement process. This will familiarize you with the input requirements. You can print these pages out if needed.

3) Next, It is "IMPORTANT" to print out a blank Measurement Data Sheet and record the many variables, the precise measurements on the printout. You It is important to have a hard copy in case there is a problem during the online process! I would suggest you take them first, then contact WN Precision by phone: 208 631-9699 or email: tom@wobblenaught.com. After 18.5 years of fittings, we can see if there is something that doesn't look within the constraints of measurements. You are a human, that means everyone varies. Measure once, twice, even three times, the more, the better! Take you time, and be precise. Make sure you take the average of the constraints. After all the data is collected on your printout, send that data to tom@wobblenaught.com. Measurement Data Sheet. After clicking "Submit Measurements," we'll record your measurements.

4) Follow the links provided to the bike set-up instructions, read the set-up instructions to see how the WN Precision solution is implemented. If you need support, we have it.


5) Set-up your bike in accordance with the instructions. You can micro adjust from our instructions for special needs. Remember no two people ride the same and they may want a certain feel.

Your credit card will only be charged if you submit a request for your WN custom fit solution. If there is a problem feel free to contact us. Again before you start taking measurements, print out the Measurement Data Sheet. This will allow you to record all of the data points needed in WN's software. When you have taken all the measurements and recorded them on the printed sheet, then go to the web site's Measurement Data Sheet and enter them.


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